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Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor

For fans of Doctor Who, a regeneration is always a tricky time. You’ve spent the preceding years bonding with this guy, becoming accustomed to his face, enjoying his little quirks and habits, only to discover that he is now dead, and there’s someone else standing in his place, and this fella…

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AUSTRALIANS - ABC2 - 8:30 - The Ultimate Time Lord

Love that my best friend just phoned me to tell me that Ultimate Time Lord is on ABC2 tonight at 8:30.  She knows how much of a Petey Fan I am and phoned to tell me.  I know she’ll be secretly shaking her head at me as she’s talking, but bless her for letting me know.  She’ll never understand but she supports my nerdy obsessions anyway.  That’s true friendship for you.  xx

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